Project: Distance Tee

Materials: Next Level Apparel shirt

Objective: For this project we wanted to create a design that was simple, clean, and also evoked curiosity from people. The photograph on the back is an image from a larger photo series of mine titled Sandy City, which depicts the urban streets of Santa Monica, California. This specific photo was taken down by the Santa Monica boardwalk, of a man who seemed to be with a small group of people, but sitting at a distance from them. When I walked by and noticed the way this man was sitting and the way he was dressed, I got the feeling that he wasn't from around the area. A feeling came over me and I felt like this was a moment that was worth capturing. As I took the shot the man never moved, even though he felt my presence right in front of him. It was as if he knew what I was doing and didn't mind helping me make it happen. It was an interesting moment that I won't ever forget, and this why we wanted to create this shirt so we could share this moment with others. Along with the photograph on the back is the city, time, and date in which the photo took place. On the front of the shirt are the exact coordinates of where I was standing when I captured the photo. This shirt was screen printed and is an edition of 35.