Project: Daily Comic Book Architecture

Materials: French paper, pencil, marker, and sometimes vector

Objective: These architectural sketches of homes started out as a 100 days project, which means I had to create a new sketch everyday for 100 days in a row. It didn't take long for me to realize that I really enjoyed making these drawings and I knew I wanted to keep drawing them after the 100 days project was over. These drawings are highly inspired by other comic book artists like Martin Vaughn-James, Robert Crumb, and Andre Franquin. These artists showed me that comics can be much more than what we perceive them to be. My love for architecture really shows in these drawings, each new drawing I make is completely fresh from my head and is always different. One of my biggest goals for these drawings is to one day be able to manifest some of them into real life. The dimensions for the majority of these drawings are 5" x 8", with the exception of a few.