Project: IU Themester: Remembering and Forgetting

Materials: Gloss photo paper & antique photos

Objective: To create a poster and a digital animation for the School of Art, Architecture + Design's themester theme. Every semester the school has a theme, which they call the Themester. The theme that I got to work with was "remembering and forgetting". The idea for my design was that photography is a way for us to remember the moments that we may forget. So, I wanted to bring in some real physical pieces of history to this design, and I did that by buying tons of old photographs from sellers on Etsy. After going through all of the photos that I purchased I found three that I wanted to use. The first photo I used was the foundation to my poster, which was of a child in 1919, the photo had so much personality and texture that it told a story on its own. On the back of the photo was an old postcard graphic and real hand writing stating the date and who it's from. I wanted to use the frontside of the photo with the child and pair it with the interesting texture on the backside. After some color adjustments in Photoshop I'm very happy with how the poster turned out. For the digital animation I used two other photos and paired them together to create a scene. The first photo was by a beach on a pier somewhere in the 40s, and the second photo is of a military bomber aircraft flying in the air. As I put these photographs next to each other I immediately envisioned a scene happening with the two. So, I cropped out the plane from it's original photo and then brought it into the photo with the pier. With that I created an animated scene of an old bomber aircraft passing over the pier.