Video 1: untitled, (texture)

Materials: iPhone XS

Objective: I've always been interested in the idea of putting together a video using the iPhone as my main tool. This video is an experiment with the iPhone XS and the slow-mo setting, capturing different plant textures around the city of Bloomington.

Video 2: Plant Based

Materials: iPad Pro

Objective: To create a dichotomy between organic shapes and geometric shapes. I wanted the organic shapes and geometric shapes to do more than sit next to each other in a frame, I wanted them to live together in the same environment. The organic shapes that I illustrated are grass blades and they are living on the geometric blocks and bars. Imagine you are in a dark digital forest.

Video 3: Into Dust

Materials: Nikon D3300

Objective: This was a dedication to one of my close friends who passed away a few months before this video was made. Your body might have turned into dust, but we didn't forget about you, Dan.

Video 4: The Streets Inspire

Materials: Nikon D3300

Objective: The idea behind this video project was to create the idea of a collectible video moment. The layout is designed like an instant photograph would be, but it's a video clip instead. I also added in different audio to each scene to create a different vibe than what was actually recorded by the camera.